Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Talks on Modern Buddhism & other March things

As March is coming to an end and Easter is at the door, I could not me more reliefed that this month is over. It's been really fun but on the other hand like hell... First of all, ice. Oh the freezing, annoying ice and fear of falling everytime you walk outside. I believe I have cursed the entire planet during this winter and call me oldfashioned but I hate cursing.

Secondly, I swear I've never been so bored and frustrated in my life. All this waiting to get a job and applying for schools and panic, panic, panic, I despise it. To avoid all the anxiety, I've been to many events and met many friends and acquaintances and, gasp, new people!

Story of my life.

And now for the traditional picture spam of some things I've done, hope you're not hungry because there are some food pictures as well... Which reminds me, I haven't eaten all day, maybe I should grab a bite!

Cake lollipop at Johto Cafe, with some exchange student friends visiting Helsinki. So good a cake, oh so raspberry...

Same day, bought a lace fan and feather hair clip accessory from Cyber Shop.

Inspired by Sokeri, my monster toy... Went to see my friend Linni!

Bought a double-deckered porcelaine serving dish from flea market. Probably not the most traditional sushi trade but who cares. Oh heavenly sushi, I made salmon and salmon roe sushi for the first time. Failed slicing but it was still so heavenly.

Chicken parmesan bagel at Picnic with mom, went to see Les Miserablés this day, it was so amazing!

Speaking of Les Miserablés, I just have to post an obligatory picture of Eddie Redmayne as Marius Pontmercy here, I just fell in love with him and his freckles...

Great actor. He looks so unique and handsome... I haven't seen such a powerful movie as Les Miserablés in a long time and as a person having seen the Les Miserablés miniseries (the one with Gérard Depardieu) I had some high expectations of the musical drama film. It surpassed all my expectations, this movie was beyond amazing! I cried at least three times during the movie, not something which happens often since I'm such a badass, haha. I highly recommend everyone to see it.

Fruits & Moomin chocolate egg and bought some delicious rum honey

So I look sophisticated now?

This day me and my friend Henri went to see an event called Talks on modern Buddhism, it was a lecture & meditation in Helsinki and best of all, free. I think it was hoasted by Sumatikirti Buddhist Centre and I didn't know what to except so we were a bit cautioned but it turned out to be a nice experience.
And it's not everyday that you see a internationally famous Buddhist nun! Her name is Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong.

The lecture was at Balder's hall at Aleksanterinkatu in the centre of Helsinki.

I personally have similar thoughts to Buddhism, I find it fascinating and a very relaxed religion, though I wouldn't actually call Buddhism a religion, more like... knowledge, meditation, I don't know the right word but Buddhism to me doesn't seem that religious which I find to be a good thing. Buddha himself taught that he is an ordinary human instead of being a a god or a prophet. That's why I find Buddhism nice and relatable, more down to earth than other religions like for example Christianity. And no, I'm not saying that I don't like Christianity since I'm a Christian myself but I don't know whether I believe in it or not and sometimes it seems really forced... I would never give up on Christmas though.

However, I'm more of a spiritual person instead of religious and have my own beliefs which do have bits of many religions. I also believe in magic and some things that many would consider a total hocus-pocus... And on some days I don't think I believe in anything at all. That's how diversed my mind is and I'm not sorry at all. Wow, I think that's the first time I've talked about religion in my blog!

If you're interested in Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong, you can find her videos on Youtube. Here is one video of her public talks in London: 

After the event we went to have some drinks at Los Cojones and then as we realized we haven't eaten much all day, to this beer bar, I don't remember the name but I had never been there before, very nice, spacious place.

enchanting oil candle.

Those chicken sandwiches were so delicious and there were so many of them, excellent.

And more candlelight featuring one of my Venetian masks. That night was so relaxing and peaceful.

Horse at my near meadow!

And since this post is getting quite long as usual, I'll talk about impro2013 festival in the next post... :D

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