Friday, March 8, 2013

London - Day 1

Let's listen to this awesome song (originally by John Denver but I really like this version) while writing about my first day in London which was 8th of February 2013, Friday!

Best markings in my calendar, ever.

Fixed my coat before London. Gotta love macro pictures.

Man this looks like an ad but ready to rumble, here we go, wet London! :D

And we are off to London!

FIRST TIME FLYING!!! Must take pictures of everything with a crappy cellphone camera.

It was a Ryanair flight from Tampere to Stansted airport. It's an hour drive from the center of London by bus but the flight was quite cheap. The departure was 9.10pm, pretty late but I wasn't tired at all, I was too exited. Before the flight I was panicking because as said in my first London post, I've never been on a plane before. I've been at the airport three times to meet my friend but never even been through a security check. Oh, was I terrified of that! I swear I checked like 14778264821 times that I didn't have anything prohibited with me. All turned out fine, everyone was smiling to the trembling me and we had loads of time to wait to get to the plane. Just before going through the gates I was still panicking so much I was hopping around like some bunny, must have looked hilarious.

I traveled with my friend Marika and we found out few days before the flight that our friend Kulkuritar and three of her friends were also flying with the same plane! Oh the laughter.

I turned my phone off at the beginning of the flight so I don't have other pictures of it but let's just say - I LOVED IT.
I am definitely one of those people who love to fly. The feeling when you take off... It's incredible. Just before flying the plane accelerated and there was so much noise and tremble, yet I found myself enjoying it. It was kind of funny that my friend, who had flown before, was more scared than me so I felt like the "just relax" guy, haha. When we landed to Stansted there was also a little air bump, and I was a little scared but then again exited, almost wished for more bumps!
I chewed gum like crazy but my ears still got plugged and I think they stayed somewhat plugged over a day. I have some ear problems so because of that I was also scared of flying but I guess everything turned out okay.

After arriving to Stansted we rode this cool tunnel to the center of the airport! Here's my smiling awesome friend Kulkuritar. She writes about travelling, check her blog here!

One of the first things I saw in London. Lovely. Sure wasn't the only ghastly picture of the queen as you'll see later in my posts.

CULTURE SHOCK @ Liverpool, London

Marika (and me) trying to figure out the underground map.

To those of you who don't know what Helsinki's metro map looks like:

 Ahahaha yeah. So it was a liiittle confusing to learn London's subway, without even mentioning everything else in transporting. But I was surprised that did learn it all really quickly.

My friend is super fast! Haha she is the best, letting me stay at her house for 11 days ♥

The double-decker buses! Never ridden those before though actually I've been inside one many times. In my hometown we always had this one double-decker bus parked at the market square every summer, you could buy ice cream and doughnuts and eat them inside the bus! Of course we always went to the second floor to eat. It was so awesome. So just imagine after what, ten years or so, I finally got to ride on a double-decker bus...

Rode the double-decker bus for the first time, awesome views from the.. steamy window.

And though during my trip I tried everything but taxis, those buses were the best transport in my opinion. Metros are faster but you can't see anything. London overground was nice and DLR was quite awesome.

That was for the first day, prepare for some serious photo spam in next posts!

P.S. Happy Women's day, here's another song I just love from the musical Hairspray. Yes, I like Zac Efron, deal with it.

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