Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Impro2013 festival

On Friday 15th of March I went to see impro2013 festival in Vernissa, Tikkurila!

Outfit for that day was a bit goth inspired, not sure.

And to prove that I don't wear glasses all the time, haha. Lace choker thing from Sai Sai in London and eye necklace from fleamarket.

Showing off my jacket I customized before London and ready to see some improvisation!

The dark brown tile building is Vernissa, the place for impro2013 festival.

impro2013, I went to see Friday's repertoire

Impro2013 festival was in Tikkurila and I went there to see improvisational theatre where my friend was acting and also to see some improvisational music. It wasn't allowed to take pictures of the play but I took some pictures and videos of the later music improvisation, it was so much fun, everyone was great!
This was the first time they arranged something like improvisational music so it was a risk but it was worth taken for the show was amazing.

Suomen Improvisaatiokuoro (Finland's Improvisation Choir)


KORE SING UP was definitely my favorite! These beautiful ladies and the handsome guitarist were so talented, excellent singers as well as excellent improvisation and very, very funny. I laughed like never before.
Here are two videos I took of their improvisational singing:

Audience got to give them subjects, languages and music genres. I think in the first video they improvised a song about maternity leave as reggae in style (or maybe blues as well), and the second video is about Finnish song called Väinö in Savonia's dialect and then Like a Virgin in Turkish. So funny, I laughed so much!!!

Improvisointula band and singers closed the show! That couple dancing was so cute :D

I think this was also some reggae improvisation of Improvisointula :D

 The ticket was 10 euros and I don't regret buying it for one bit, the night was amazing. Also excellent white wine and good company as well, hehe.

Played some improvisational guitar afterwards and turned this picture artsyfartsy

Indian/bohemian look, in the train to Raine's back to Finland party

Art out of effervescent tablet, lol. And we're back to the point where I got sick. Luckily no more.

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Keuruu to spend Easter with my family. I could not me more pleased to get away after being sick over a week. So happy Easter to all!

Talks on Modern Buddhism & other March things

As March is coming to an end and Easter is at the door, I could not me more reliefed that this month is over. It's been really fun but on the other hand like hell... First of all, ice. Oh the freezing, annoying ice and fear of falling everytime you walk outside. I believe I have cursed the entire planet during this winter and call me oldfashioned but I hate cursing.

Secondly, I swear I've never been so bored and frustrated in my life. All this waiting to get a job and applying for schools and panic, panic, panic, I despise it. To avoid all the anxiety, I've been to many events and met many friends and acquaintances and, gasp, new people!

Story of my life.

And now for the traditional picture spam of some things I've done, hope you're not hungry because there are some food pictures as well... Which reminds me, I haven't eaten all day, maybe I should grab a bite!

Cake lollipop at Johto Cafe, with some exchange student friends visiting Helsinki. So good a cake, oh so raspberry...

Same day, bought a lace fan and feather hair clip accessory from Cyber Shop.

Inspired by Sokeri, my monster toy... Went to see my friend Linni!

Bought a double-deckered porcelaine serving dish from flea market. Probably not the most traditional sushi trade but who cares. Oh heavenly sushi, I made salmon and salmon roe sushi for the first time. Failed slicing but it was still so heavenly.

Chicken parmesan bagel at Picnic with mom, went to see Les Miserablés this day, it was so amazing!

Speaking of Les Miserablés, I just have to post an obligatory picture of Eddie Redmayne as Marius Pontmercy here, I just fell in love with him and his freckles...

Great actor. He looks so unique and handsome... I haven't seen such a powerful movie as Les Miserablés in a long time and as a person having seen the Les Miserablés miniseries (the one with Gérard Depardieu) I had some high expectations of the musical drama film. It surpassed all my expectations, this movie was beyond amazing! I cried at least three times during the movie, not something which happens often since I'm such a badass, haha. I highly recommend everyone to see it.

Fruits & Moomin chocolate egg and bought some delicious rum honey

So I look sophisticated now?

This day me and my friend Henri went to see an event called Talks on modern Buddhism, it was a lecture & meditation in Helsinki and best of all, free. I think it was hoasted by Sumatikirti Buddhist Centre and I didn't know what to except so we were a bit cautioned but it turned out to be a nice experience.
And it's not everyday that you see a internationally famous Buddhist nun! Her name is Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong.

The lecture was at Balder's hall at Aleksanterinkatu in the centre of Helsinki.

I personally have similar thoughts to Buddhism, I find it fascinating and a very relaxed religion, though I wouldn't actually call Buddhism a religion, more like... knowledge, meditation, I don't know the right word but Buddhism to me doesn't seem that religious which I find to be a good thing. Buddha himself taught that he is an ordinary human instead of being a a god or a prophet. That's why I find Buddhism nice and relatable, more down to earth than other religions like for example Christianity. And no, I'm not saying that I don't like Christianity since I'm a Christian myself but I don't know whether I believe in it or not and sometimes it seems really forced... I would never give up on Christmas though.

However, I'm more of a spiritual person instead of religious and have my own beliefs which do have bits of many religions. I also believe in magic and some things that many would consider a total hocus-pocus... And on some days I don't think I believe in anything at all. That's how diversed my mind is and I'm not sorry at all. Wow, I think that's the first time I've talked about religion in my blog!

If you're interested in Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong, you can find her videos on Youtube. Here is one video of her public talks in London: 

After the event we went to have some drinks at Los Cojones and then as we realized we haven't eaten much all day, to this beer bar, I don't remember the name but I had never been there before, very nice, spacious place.

enchanting oil candle.

Those chicken sandwiches were so delicious and there were so many of them, excellent.

And more candlelight featuring one of my Venetian masks. That night was so relaxing and peaceful.

Horse at my near meadow!

And since this post is getting quite long as usual, I'll talk about impro2013 festival in the next post... :D

Monday, March 25, 2013


Okay those London posts are coming soon again but I just gotta update on some other things as well. Last week, no wait, week before that I went to see a famous Buddhist nun and then also improvisational theatre and music! It was all very much fun, more about that maybe on the next post if I have the time since I'm hellbent on applying for schools right now.

And what have I been up to this week - being sick, ugh. And waiting for my mystery package to arrive! Something I must ABSOLUTELY blog about.

This arrived today finally! ♥ Some probably guess what's inside since I've been going on and on about it for some two weeks I think. And...

You thought I was going to tell you, didn't you? Hahahaaa, in your face! But I'll give you this sneak peek, do guess what these things are!

First I was all jumpy exited about the contents of the package but then after I had got them out of the box, I got this idea and what happened was...

This is again one of my "here's Johnny!" faces and Johnny got another great idea while being inside the box. Let's make a video of being inside a box. Now excuse my English, I wasn't thinking and just blabbered on but who cares, I'm having fun.

Glorious box! It was fun goofing after being sick for a week. On the other hand it was incredibly relaxing to do absolutely nothing but watch Passions 24/7 (yes I am super addicted now) but then again I was really sick with flu and fever, don't even remember the last time when I was this sick. Luckily now the horribleness is almost over and I can enjoy the spring and the upcoming Easter!

Bye Spiderman. I love Jenna Marbles...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

London - Day 2 - London Animecon 2013

It was a cloudy afternoon in London as we arrived to The Rocket Complex London Metropolitan University in Holloway, where London Anime Con 2013 was held. It was easy to get there by underground.

It started to rain a bit when we got to Holloway road and there was this lovely queue at the entrance, nice... Me and Marika had already reserved our tickets so after some misunderstandings we got to the right queue where the waiting wasn't that long and got in nicely. The security and staff were very friendly and funny, the guy was so amazed that we went shopping before the event. I guess he was joking... :D

My gorgeous jailbreaker friend Marika

I was derping so badly I drew meself a pirate face, hahaa!

I had the intention of cosplaying something at London Anime Con but in the end I just didn't come up with anything so hey, just did what I always do, go by intuition. So I dressed up as a pirate. Wanted to bring my hat as well but it would have taken too much space in my cabin bag, too much trouble. Did I mention I travelled with only the cabin bag? Only 10 kilos allowed so I had to think carefully what to bring.. and buy!

Rum & coke for the pirate and a refreshing cider for the jailbreaker.

Having attended many anime conventions in Finland I had some expectations which turned out so wrong. London Anime Con was much different than any other conventions I've been. First of all, it was a K-18 event and there was a bar (with cheap booze hahaha).

There were two floors, the first floor was centered around the bar mostly, it was like being inside a night club. The feeling was much more relaxed than in Finnish conventions in my opinion. Or maybe it was because of the alcohol...No, I think people weren't so serious as in Finland, they were more interested in having fun than focusing being the cosplay character. Somehow it's good but I didn't see so many good cosplays than I would see in Finnish conventions. But I didn't care since I wasn't cosplaying anything :D

The awesome ceiling at the second floor

I can't stop laughing at this picture

Upstairs were the counters with exhibitors and artists selling their works. One artist had so beautiful paintings I wanted them all and I swear I saw almost all One Piece figures there but in the end I didn't buy anything. Maybe it was because my style is changing and I don't feel like decorating my home with anime stuff anymore, not that much at least.
There was also another stage upstairs with various events.

Went to pick up my conbadge from the lobby, it cost 3 pounds. I'm serious with this artist name as you can see!

I took some panorama of the first floor's main room. On the right is the stage and the bar. Behind the bar was the karaoke/panel room and also dance games, and on the other side of this room was the anime screening & video gaming room.

enlarge the picture to see better

I've played dance games for over six years, inactive or so, and played after a long time. I still got it! Thanks for the fun company guys. In Finland I always think I suck at these games but in London I felt better, even though some of the guys were on expert level. I'm somewhere between medium-hard-expert in these games, hahah idk. And I'm so proud I got one dude to play the dance game for the first time ever! The power of persuation.

I can look decent if I want to...

But most of the time I do these faces. Marika looks so pretty here!

Having used to big spaces in Finnish conventions, it took some time getting used to this smaller place and space, oh yes, I'm a Finnish person, I need my space, ha-ha-ha. But seriously it started to feel a lot cozier because of the smaller space.

Those glasses were too awesome.
Probably the second performer I saw, this Japanese artist is called Gunji X ADAPTOR (or adapter, not sure). He playes electro-visual kei style of music. At first I wasn't so exited of it since the singing wasn't that good but there was something about the music that affected the crowd and people even started dancing.

Didn't know if I laughed because it was so strange or because it was actually very good!

Yeah Marika seemed to like it and started dancing :D

Another Japanese artist called Colors UK. J-rock, it was cool but I wasn't impressed because the singer didn't connect the audience, it felt like he was singing to himself. Good voice though.

Kulkuritar not impressed?

I look like I'm about to crack

Of course had to do the pose. Love you guyseee ♥

As the evening came, we headed to the second floor to see what was going on in there... Cosplay auction. Something you don't really see in Finland. The auction's cause was to raise money for the children who were orphaned after the tsunami in Japan.

cutie Raichu between the auction hosts. I admire the one at the left for staying up with those "shoes" all the time

Assassin's Creed main character? I don't know the game but this guy was cool

Stanley Ipkiss and The Mask

guy with a Sneasel head from Pokémon and on the right the Assassin's Creed guy who got auctioned

Me and Kulkuritar wanted buy some character because it we were so curious of what did the "slaves", as those who were auctioned were called, get to do. We didn't buy anyone in the end, I guess the Finnish shyness got the best of us.. Or then the price at the persons we wanted went too high up for our poor student budget. But all the slaves were sold, some with very high price, some was for 60£ and not sure id even with over a hundred pounds. And it seems they didn't really have to do anything, you could just give them money and they would get you a drink or you could take a picture with the slave. But very innocent auction, luckily. For a tiny micro second I thought they might be some sort of escorts, hahaha!

At 8pm it was time for J-Pop Go Party and the downstairs lounge was turned into a disco floor. Party on! We danced some songs, even raved a bit. Though Kulkuritar really had it going and she threw me on some guys who were also raving. Oh the shame, hahaha.

Our talented friend singing Bon Jovi

I waited for the karaoke like a madman, well, not exactly but I was eager to see their karaoke list. And it was a bit of a disappointment, so few anime and asian songs! Instead, they had many Western songs which was good but I think in anime conventions you should have a wide range of anime songs and asian pop and rocks songs as well. I sang Marilyn Monroe's Diamonds are a girl's best friend and got nice applauds actually, I don't want to brag so much but I think I'm fairly good in karaoke.

Above all, London Anime Con wasn't what I had expected, much smaller and Western styled than Finnish conventions but on the other hand a much relaxed event. And I guess I mentioned the bar a FEW times...
But it wasn't over yet since on Sunday the Con continued...

Kulkuritar and her classmates were shooting a school project about London Anime Con 2013, it's called Cosplay18. I got interviewed as well and you can see me and Marika in the video as well.
Cosplay18 is a school project made by four Finnish girls. It's about the atmosphere and people at London Anime Con 2013. We also discuss cosplay as an adult hobby. The program was shown on a student run tv-channel VäriTv.

London - Day 3 in the next post...