Thursday, August 8, 2013


Allsprite! It's been a long time blablabla let's get to it. Summer has been super nice and I don't even remember all the wonderful things that have happened but here's some of the things I've done. There might be a part 2... But I doubt it since I am lazy with this blog :D

Hammer - I mean PICTURE TIME damn it

Happy jolly in Hietaniemi beach in June, picture taken by Kulkuritar with whom I spent much of the summer :)

Going to party with best friends in June, man I haven't taken selfies in ages

FAAAABULOUS pose @ Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden, July

I don't know whether people can notice it from the pictures but I have lost a lot of weight during this year, especially this spring & summer since I have been going to the gym all the time. Overall I'm almost 15 kilos lighter than few years ago! It makes me so happy to be in better shape and people have told me I am much more energetic than before. I wonder what I'll look like in a year... It's so thrilling!

I think this blog will have some sports & food posts since I love exercising and cooking so much nowadays. Cooking passion really bloomed after I became a vegetarian in spring after being over five years semi-vegetarian or well actually pollo-pescetarian with once-a-year craving for meatballs :D but now I just love this vegetarian life and feel better than ever. I've thought of becoming vegan but cheese is just too good... :D

July and a bubble fight with my friend! I've been visiting Tampere again quite a lot

In July I spent few weeks at my folks. Probably the best picture of me and Nemo ever :D

Since usually it's like this! Haha he really looks like doesn't care :DDD

I've had blond hair for a long time (as in since April) so I dyed some pink highlights and the back under what do you call of my hair. Well didn't last for long but I think I'll redye it this weekend and hopefully it will look nice on my first day at my new school, wheeeeeee!

Can I be a monster, pleeeeease?

End of July and I think this pretty much sums up Ropecon :D Guess what I'm doing?

There are too many pictures so maybe there will be a part 2... So many other happenings, such as me climbing to a church tower and my birthday. And I think somewhat a hundred pictures of Nemo and my brother's dog, they are too adorable ♥

Oh I posted this in Facebook ages ago but this is such a nice memory I'll post it here as well: This special snowflake has some special friends I got to meet Aku Hirviniemi (happened in May), he's awesome. Make sure to check out Totuuden Torvet in autumn, I'll be in the audience in the fifth episode I think! And no, no one paid me to advertize, I just genuinely think the show is hilarious :D

Monday, May 6, 2013

Mademoiselle Porteur puts a spell on you

Long time no voodoo! Last Saturday I attented the annual TYKlarp in Tampere as I have attented the last five live action role plays in my sweet old gymnasium. Always a pleasure. This year TYKlarp was called Scelestus and the theme was super criminals and an association called Kansainvälinen Ansioituneiden Rikollisten Yhdistys, aka KARY ry (translates as International Association of Commendable Criminals).

Voodoo doll inspiration from Google

My character was a voodoo priestess called Mademoiselle Porteur aka Jacqueline Calvados who could call up spirits to this world, curse people and brew potions. Porteur also had a twin sister Jeannette aka Souer Étrange who could exile spirits and had business with magical objects where as Porteur blackmailed politicians. Oh boy, was I evil! Something that doesn't naturally go with me. I pretend to be a badass but I'm really just a happy jolly softy.

Had some pictures taken by Rico aka Nelli!

Love my corset from London! And I had so many accessories, a wooden (magic) flute I bought from London, a musket, all kinds of talismans and I even felted a voodoo doll just before the game. Talk about authenticity. Though the doll turned out a bit too cute and some people were cuddling with it before the game, hahaha.

My London posts are so damn time consuming to make and I have been so active and social for so many weeks I just don't have the time for posting, apologies. But here's a nice face from my friend Kulkuritar's birthday, describes the night since we did a bar round in Kallio, oh I'm so poor right now...

In a way fits the voodoo theme as well :D

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Not Big Brother Forever or something else ridiculous, the title stands for blue & brown fever. I'm trying to redecorate my home to fit my new obsession and share some inspiration. Antique and vintage are very close to my heart but modern style is not out of the question. Maybe I could combine both? All pictures from Google's picture search.

Not exactly interior design but this is just so beautiful!

I want a trunk so bad!!!

And a bathtub ♥

I think this blog is turning into a decor blog... Oh well! ;)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring sightseeing

I'm so happy my good friend Kulkuritar moved to Helsinki! One more friend in here and I'm less dependent of Tampere everyday. The amount of money spent on train tickets last year is beyond absurdity, I think at least 1/4 of my weekends was spent in Tampere. It's been fun but from now on the focus is here in the metropolitan area. I know some people probably hate me for saying this but I have come very fond of Helsinki, just wish I could move closer to it. The appartment hunting is insane here...

Happy me at Senaatintori (Helsinki Senate Square)

Kulkuritar feat. Senate Square

Marika present via phone while sitting at the stairs of Helsinki Cathedral.

Anyways, on Wednesday me and Kulkuritar grabbed some yummy bubble tea to go and accidentally took a nice walk around Helsinki. I said accidentally because first we were going to Hakaniemi but then, thanks to my excellent navigation skills, walked in the opposite way. But no harm done for no one was busy and so we went around the coastline to Hakaniemi. And boy was it pretty, spring has truly arrived. Still a lot of snow but all the sunshine makes me so serene.

Cameraman lamp with boxers in its head, priceless!

Some limos with a police escort arrived to Senate Square, took a picture of the important people, maybe Russian politicians, looked so very important!

Uspenski Cathedral and Kulkuritar checking out the goodies in the stream.

And spotted this old shopping cart underwater! So enchanting I had to take a picture just before that ice floated there.

And this place is Ravintola Sipuli (Restaurant Onion), it's super expensive! But someday we'll visit its beautiful halls.

crummy hair but had to take some pictures beside the lovely scenery!

I took some pictures of the boats and ships along the way. Inspiring beauties.... So I guess this is another inspirational post but oh well. One boat was named Domina. Interesting but whatever rocks that person's boat. Hehehe that was a bad one. I wonder what name would I give to my boat...?

My favorite. I want to go sailing so bad!!!

View from Hakaniemi bridge

Art below the bridge. "Imagine you wake up tomorrow and all the music has disappeared". Worst nightmare ever! But then I guess that's the everyday life of a deaf person, so sad...

Another below bridge art, reminded me of intestines. Kinda strange and cool in way.

We saw this like a mile away in Hakaniemi and were so stunned, what is this?? So cool and so unfitting and so right at the same time. More of these please. And someone had written UFO at the corner of this... Hmm.

This week has been such a nice change, so much to do. Though today started with a wrong foot since my stretching lesson was canceled and I had terrible back pain but found materialism happiness (see the photo below), the sun is shining and I managed to stretch the pain away and even compose my song, one step taken again! And yesterday I walked like crazy again and visited the Finnish Museum of Natural History and took over 80 photos, I try to cut them into a decent amount for the next post :D

Finally got it and ten euros only! I think I have mentioned here several times that I'm a pirates maniac.

And then yesterday I bought also three books! One about all minerals and rocks, perfect for a jewel loony like me. Then as you can see a book present classical mythology characters like Venus and Heracles, lately I've been more and more interested in history. And then this gorgeous looking old book is Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights! One of the finest classics of English literature.

All in English, I always desperately search for English literature for I like reading with the original language and besides it improves my English skills even more. Rarely buying Finnish books except some schoolbooks, though maybe I should, my Finnish is getting weaker. I would like buy some books written in French, Spanish, Swedish and Japanese, but they would have to be something easier.

I want to talk more about books and reading. I learned to read really early but I never really got THAT interested in reading, except for Donald Duck and other comics and later manga. Finished reading the last Harry Potter what, two years ago? So I haven't been reading that enthusiastically and at some point they even checked if I had dyslexia because I was such a slow reader, though I had no problems at school, just a feeling of a slight word-blindness. Well, nothing appeared and now that I think about it, I guess the slow reading was just because I haven't had read that much. The more I've read during the years, the faster I've gotten and just loving it, enjoying reading like never before.

And now I'm a book lover! During last few years and especially this year I have been screaming for joy for the sight of antiquarian bookshops. Especially old books appeal to me,their old ornate covers and the smell of old paper. And usually they are cheaper than brand new books as well, or that depends but I still prefer old books. Even with some papers hanging off, that's actually even more fascinating, hahah!

My dream now is to find a really old, big ornate book, preferably in English. Perhaps some play, poetry book or grimoire... Or all of them. But oh, where will I find the space for all the books? Desperate need of a little bookshelf.

The book lover who finally managed to put up the mic stand! Mike still hiding in its box but SOON...