Monday, December 17, 2012

Who is Sadekuu?

If you have been reading my previous blog, you might think you already kinda know me. Well think again, mister! (or lady, haha.) For people change and so have I changed tremendously. Some things are too private to be told here but I have been changing my looks and style. Though actually this is nothing unusual for me. You know when you look through your old class room pictures and see some guy or girl and in the next picture that person looks totally different, almost unrecognizable? I'm one of those people, always changing. It is my style, to change. Sometimes I envy the ones who look almost the same in every picture, though I really don't know why. It must be because of my secret desire to be normal. But I know now that change is normal as well. But above all, I think I'm more honest towards everything now. There is a new era in my life.
So now, welcome new and old readers and here's, with some pictures of me,

Tracon 7, a pirate with a lightsaber! Damn I want one.

Who is Sadekuu?
- Sadekuu is an artist name I created and use. Sadekuu is Finnish and means rain moon. It is also the name of this blog. Also, I just decided my pirate name is Sadekuu! I love pirates ♥

Yarr, say that again lady! Oh wait, did I just flirt with myself? Oh well.. XD I made this hat of old skirt by the way!

And why rain moon you might ask?
- I have a deep connection to those two things. I love rain, I don't understand why people act like they're suddenly sugar when rain starts to fall. When you don't have to hurry, walking in the rain is perfection. And something I have done countless times is ♫ singing in the rain ♪
Rain is so purifying and everything I am: happy, romantic and the same time very sad and melancholic, sometimes fierce. Rain is water, I love water, it's has always been my favorite element. Now I have to mention my zodiac sign is Cancer... Yes, I am superstitious which brings me to my next point, the moon. The Moon is the controlling planet for Cancer but not only due to that I have a strong connection with the moon. The moon's mystery fascinates me, maybe because it reminds me of my pretty mystical mind, I have no idea what is going on inside this head of mine...

The China inspired dress is my own design, from our school's fashion show, October 6th.

Who the person behind Sadekuu?
- My real name is Tytti Rautiainen and I'm a 21-year-old girl from Central Finland, currently living in Espoo. I am mainly a musical artist but I also draw, design and sew. Knitting is my revived passion. Sometimes I like to write poems and some stories. I love to dance and I have been to many different dance courses. Acting has been my interest and hobby even before I went and graduated from arts-oriented senior secondary school, though nowadays I don't act anymore. I loved that senior secondary school, went to many movie classes. Damn I still want to shoot a horror movie so bad, haha. Then I went to study to become an artisan in clothing and I've got to design some clothes. Basically I guess you could say I am a super creative person. Learning new things is so much fun I tend to hoard too much at a time. This usually leads to problems but I never give up. Even now I'm on sick leave because of too many problems, mainly inside my mind, oh this creative melancholy ain't so cool as you think it might be... But still I will survive! I am an optimist in the midst of pessimism.
My style is very varied, you'll see what I mean when I you read my posts but let's just say I love the strangest things. Space, aliens, vampires, horror in general, everything mystical and creepy. Snails, jellyfish and weird fish are so cute!

Everything designed and executed by me, singing my song in Sakustars 2012 Talent. Got the honorary award =)

What is music to me?
- Question I could talk forever. Being a musician has been my dream profession since I was, I guess, the size of a fire extinguisher. I have been singing ever since I was little. I love karaoke, haha, there's too few places to sing karaoke in Finland, it's a shame.
Later on I started playing guitar, then harmonica and saxophone though unfortunately my skills are pretty rusty with those two now. I used to play harmonica pretty well, back in the year 2008 I actually won women's and junior's Finnish championship in harmonica. Me and my harmonica teacher Erkki "Eki" Illikainen, rest in peace, had some nice gigs and that was the time when this band called Jeepit was formed, Eki played harmonica in the band. My last memory with my teacher Eki was my first and last gig with Jeepit. If you want to read more about my great teacher Eki, here's his memorial page, it's in Finnish only though. I played harmonica with Eki only a couple years but I will never forget those times, it was truly a good time.
My newest instrument is keyboards, I played some piano as a kid but now I have really started to practise again. For few years now, I have been writing my own song lyrics and I have actually created some songs and got to perform them as well. One song I created has a harmonica solo, I'm planning on using the harmonica more in my songs and create my own original music. I have one song in my Youtube account called Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy, check it out! (Prunella rubida is my old artist name in case you're wondering). Still starting this business but I'm more determined than ever, nobody can stop me!
Then of course there is the thing about what kind of music I like. To put it shortly, I love everything, hahaha. Pop and rock are my alltime passions but I used to dig heavy metal as well. Yeah baby, I did! I looked like a headbanger and went to many gigs \,,/ Heavy is always a bit nostalgic for me, I still like it. I've learned to like rap as well because I listen a whole lotta K-pop. I love Asian pop. I always have to brag on the fact that I knew who PSY was even before the hit "Gangnam Style". Sorry about that, hahah.
Music has always been there for me, through the happiest and darkest times. To me, music is everything.

Creepy dollie playing keyboards on Halloween!

And lastly, what is this blog about?
- This blog is about me and my life. It shows my style of course but this is not mainly a fashion blog. I want this blog to be fun for me. I don't care how many people read my blabbering and look my pictures and videos, I just want to have fun and someday look back to this and remember all the interesting time I had. My last blog was like a public diary and hobby, this one is as well but a bit more serious. This is my website and I will link my musical performances here and some other videos and everything else, who knows what. This is artist Sadekuu's official page. I will write this in English, maybe sometimes in Finnish. But you may never know, I might even write a bit in Swedish, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, German or Russian, I've studied all those languages! I'm a crazy person, I know.

Until next time, sweet dreams. Last night I had a dream about evil dominatrix pulling my hair ftw, I hope you dream of gummy bears or something much more pleasant, hehehee~

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