Friday, September 14, 2012

Sadekuu - Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy

Greetings after a long time!

It seems I took quite a long break away from blogging but now I'm back again, better than ever... My summer was amazing, especially the whole August. I'll do some posts about my summer and yes, that end of May part 2 is coming up too... ^^'
Really, wow, so many things have happened so I really haven't had the time or the energy to blog. And so many things happening, like that we have a fashion show coming up at my school 6th of October! Also, I try to post once a week but don't make promises about blogging anymore since it's too difficult to keep those promises.

Yeah, I don't have the time to blog because I'm too busy popping gum, haha!

However, now I want to share something with you I've been meaning to share for the longest time - my song! Today I finally put that live performance from May in Youtube... And after a long time and many thoughts, I came to a conclusion - my artist name is Prunella rubida. I'm thinking of changing my blog title to Prunella rubida as well but I'm still thinking about it.

Here is the song, hope you enjoy!

EDIT: So funny but actually I changed my artist name to Sadekuu, stylished as SADEKUU. That's why I changed the title as well from Prunella rubida.


SugarBunny- said...

So beautiful <3 I don't have words :3

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