Sunday, May 20, 2012

Daisuke preview

Good almost afternoon my darlings!
Last Friday I attented my friend Ruut's birthday party and the theme was crossdressing so here's a preview of what I became...

I called myself Daisuke for that is a name I have always loved, I have no idea why actually. Maybe because of one StepMania song called Daisuke... :D I have some other pictures of this look, you can't really see the hair in this one but this was the best picture in my opinion, I have it as my facebook profile picture now too. We took some group pictures and couple other pictures so I'll do a post about this lovely event later on. by the way, after I long time, I finally dyed my hair again with conditioner and some leftover colors I had heheh, that's why the tops of my hair is brown. But I kinda like it like that, never had this kind of compination of greyish blue + pink + brown.

Before that still coming up:
- Grey-eyed bunnycat aka my grey lens review
- Green-eyed monster aka my green lens review + more SAKUstars pictures
- Red-eyed minotaur aka my red lens review + some more TYKlarp pictures
- some videos once I get to edit them
- my recent clothing projects

This Daisuke look was inspired by other other than that glorious Visual Kei style and I have to mention that I have fell in love with Versailles more desperately than ever... I think I listened Noble almost five hours in a row and in fact I'm listening it now again. Love it but maybe I should listen to their other albums now.. :D

Oh and this I just have to mention, another GLORIOUS MOMENT: We and my new friend sang Gackt's Vanilla at the party (oh god I sucked except in the chorus, it just goes so fast) and then I sang Versailles' song Serenade. I don't remember ever singing so passionately! But that song has been in my top 5 list of best songs since it was published... So thank you everyone who cared to listen, I can't believe I got everyone so quiet then... Thank you.

I'll update soon so please be patient with me. Bye bye~ ♥

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