Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kerli ラブラブ

I've been watching Kerli's new music video Zero Gravity ever since it came out. 
Kerli is pure
And she is getting better and better and better. It's unbelievable that even perfection can get more perfect. And to those idiots comparing Kerli to Lady Gaga, they are both awesome. But the fact is that Kerli was first and in my opinion her style and music is more unique than Gaga's. Still, true artists, both of them.
Kerli, please come to Finland!!!
Me and my friend Kulkuritar would so come to the front row...


On Saturday will be my friend's birthday and the theme of the party is a Mad Hatter's tea party. I can't wait, I've been preparing everything like crazy. Today and tomorrow I'm going to sew the skirt and a little something else for the event...It's going to be great!!!
 Today I went to get more precious tea from the Ounce (I post about that later on), a tea butique in Helsinki. It was so damn hard to leave that shop again ;__; Kulkuritar is telling about the Ounce in her blog post, in Finnish only though.
Anyways, looking forward to Saturday. 
And to fit the theme, some more Kerli  ラブラブ~


Magical Ice Cream said...

i hate her music (i hate all pop),but her style is just wonderful :)

Saana said...