Friday, March 2, 2012

気違い蘭 - Kichigai Ran

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening, my dear readers! ♥ 
today's outfit was all scull themed:

make-up make-up, bad picture and even worse the editing hahahahaa

Also as you can see, I changed the name of my blog... Finally... ^^' I can't remember whether I have mentioned it here or not but I was so sick of this blog's name, it just doesn't suit me anymore. Yes, I'm still a princess and yes, I still like snow but just... something didn't clicked. Plus there was this super annoying extra s-letter ( because some idiot (who btw doesn't even use the account) had already booked princessyuki as a blog address. 
Well anyways, I'm so pleased with this blogname. Incase you don't know what 気違い蘭 (in romaji - kichigai ran) means, let me explain~

気違い (kichigai) = madness, mad/crazy
蘭 (ran) = orchid
So there you have it. Crazy orchid. That's me since after all, I'm a loony like no other and orchid is my favorite flower ever. Atm I'm so sad because my orchid might have died T___T I really tried to take care of it but but but... After summer it just lose all its glory. Maybe it's the house, the temperature is too cold always... 
Orchid symbolizes perfection which is something I try to achieve, I'm a desperate perfectionist but I go crazy since perfection is impossible. Like they say, nobody's perfect [insert Hanna Montana's song here hehehe >_>]
One more thing. A while ago I found out that this kanji 乱 means riot, war, disorder, disturb. The kanji can be read "ran" (only in Chinese reading of the kanji though, you can use for ex. in 反乱, hanran = insurrection, mutiny, rebellion) But seriously fits me so well ahahahhahaaaaa...
 But let's consider this a new era in this blog and in my life ^^ although I'm still in process to change my blog layout but but but I need the header picture first and I don't have any new decent ones .___. yet!

 I'll update again soon since I finally managed to find my usb wire and get my cellphone pictures to my pc. Next post will be so random.... XD


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