Monday, February 7, 2011

Let's begin the show!

I finally decided to start writing a blog again... I'm going to write this blog in English so if you happen to see some mistakes, please ignore them 'cos I'm not a native. And my writing style is diverse: sometimes I want to write like I talk & sometimes I try to be reeeeally cool and write formally.. I'd say get use to the babble English!!! It's easier to write like this ^^

My current facebook profile pic. I made that hat myself but it's still unfinished :(
I am a Finnish girl who goes by the name Princess Yuki (it's been my artist name since forever). My real name is Tytti ^^ This spring I'll be finally graduating from gymnasium yayy! And soon I get to travel, travel, travel...♥ More about my life later on, it's too adventurous to sum up now...
lol not.
And what is this blog about? Well... I could describe it as a LIFESTYLE BLOG!!! wee. haha. There'll be writings about my fantastic and not-so-fantastic days, some drawings and sewing stuff, shoppings, make up, stuff about hair (I tend to change my haircolor and hairstyle quite much I guess), hanging out with friends/people and of course partying!

The pic in the header is the current me, but here's some picture spam:
BEFORE & AFTER: The pic from the header. It was last Thursday and my curls were still okay but after going out... See the curls after walking 20 minutes in the sleet? See the irritation? >.< The "blue" pic is from the library's bathroom haha, I was on my way to see a play in my school called Teurastamo (Slaughterhouse) and afterwards went to a bar :D
Too tired to shoot..I love manba and gyaru stuff but I don't define myself as one since I like visual kei style too and western styles.. I'm still into dressing like a rocker or a metalhead.. haha I don't care, I dress up anyway I want and listen to whatever I want.

Last week was:
           * exam week blaah, two horrible math exams and a Finnish exam... 
           * and then... パーティーパーティー! Went to a bar with friends on Thursday and Friday haha. was fun although out karaoke night failed because there was no karaoke in the bar on Thursday. We'll take a rain check ^^

                                                 Waa, I guess that's all folks! じゃあね!

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