Wednesday, February 16, 2011


あああ so tired... I have to clean up my whole place in two hours & dye my hair too! and yet why am I writing here, ばかものだよおおおお!!
Well anyway... I've been doing some weird things lately, hahaha! Been partying with my friends and lagging at home... Blah.
Last Friday was my friend's B-day so we went to a Japanese restaurant called Maruseki with.. was it 14 people, a lot of ppl. I've been to Maruseki like 123456789 times but this time I think I really had THE BEST CHOICE OF FOOD EVER!!!

There's cold smoked salmon sashimi on the left, up right tuna mayo makisushi & down right (THE BEST) monkfish with wasabi mayonnaise!! (can't remember the proper name of the dish)
Smiley eating sushi

I don't remember everything I've done during last week but I definately remember my パーティーパーティー with my good friend Emmi and her sister, here's few pics of that night:

Sorry Ems, I stole this from your file xD pose pose in a night club! That's me on the left looking.. @__@ my hair looking lovely, right? the light pink kinda faded so no wonder I have to dye it.. should be dying already u_u
This is so weird I had to put it here too. I look.. my eyes look so..o___o
"The classic girls' bathroom pose". Gosh I look pissed though I wasn't. That pink dress is from H&M (last year I guess) and the leopard shirt&belt are from some flee market ages ago, bag is from.. Glitter? can't remember but one of my fav bags<3 dunno if you can see the long pink necklace with black stars there, it's from J&C (sales yay)

Skype EmoticonsIt was fuuuun!! I was home somewhere after 3 am... ^^ and as weird as it was, I loved walking home at that cold winter night, took some pictures too. I wanna talk about night and darkness later on, I'm, how do you say it, and evening person. definately not a morning person!

THIS WEEK IS A CHAOS! Seriously tomorrow, wait today I gotta go to school and help on painting signs for our truck coz on Thursday it's "penkkarit" which is a Finnish event for us who are candidates for the matriculation examination aka "abit". Anyways I'm exited for the event but since it's a killer freeze weather outside I ain't looking forward to be riding in a truck out there throwing candy to people... And then today Wednesday is "potkiaiset" which is something like "a kicking party" where people, figuratively speaking,  kick us "abit" away. THE THEME IS VENICIAN COSTUME PARTY!!! I'm so thrilled, I bought a mask, pics and stuff of that & all the parties & Valentine's day which I hate btw probably this weekend 

Now I shall leave you like this:

Smiley eating sushiGO DUMBLEDORE! Loving Snape there LAUGHING! Alan Rickman<3 (ohohoo I watched Love actually with my friend Yashura from the blog "Life of a random Fangirl" and Alaaaaan was so lovely, loving the cynicism again!) Seriously this's gif is a constant crack-up for me. Baibai now~

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